10 Reasons to use EPIFLO® Now!


EPIFLO® is effective in up to 78% of chronic wound cases.

Published NPWT data shows effectiveness is 46% and published HBOT effectiveness shows effectiveness is 61%.

EPIFLO® is small, lightweight and portable.

Weighing just 3 ounces, EPIFLO® allows the patient to carry on with normal daily activities. It fits in your pocket or attaches to your waist band. No more daily multi hour trips to HBOT chambers, no walking around with a heavy, painful pump. Whether you are ballroom dancing or just a trip to the grocery store EPIFLO® helps you get there.

EPIFLO® works to heal your wounds 24/7.

EPIFLO continuously delivers pure oxygen to the wound 24/7 without the use of chemical reactions or oxygen canisters It has been reported in scientific literature that the formation of new collagen, granulation, angiogenesis and epithelialization are all oxygen dependent and oxygen driven.

EPIFLO® is extremely cost effective.

EPIFLO® treatment costs 50% less than competing therapies and has additional convincing economic advantages such as reduced treatment time. Whether you are a patient, doctor, nursing facility, wound care clinic or hospital you will want to use EPIFLO®.

EPIFLO® is easy to use.

It only takes minutes to apply EPIFLO® and start the healing process.
Although it is easy to apply we recommend application by a trained professional health care provider, as improper application may impede final results.

EPIFLO® is Safe.

EPIFLO® is non-invasive, non-implantable and non-ingestible. EPIFLO® stores no oxygen; it extracts oxygen from the air we breathe and delivers it directly to the wound to promote healing.

EPIFLO® can be used with any brand of wound dressing.

There is no need to order or use any expensive proprietary dressings. With EPIFLO, it is common to use off the shelf absorbant dressings along with off the shelf semi-occlusive dressings to maximize oxygen retention at the wound site.

EPIFLO® is effective on many different types of wounds.

EPIFLO® has been shown to be safe and highly effective in treating many types of wounds including diabetic foot and leg ulcers, venous stasis, pressure ulcers as well as surgical wounds, gangre, amputations and infections. Please visit our case study pages on this site to view some of our results.

EPIFLO® has healed many wounds that have failed other therapies.

EPIFLO® has closed many wounds that had previously been unresponsive to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. See our Case Study page for several examples.

EPIFLO® is manufactured in the USA under guidelines set forth by the FDA and ISO 13485, a stringent quality control process.

EPIFLO® is assembled in Ohio in an ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered laboratory facility.