How does EPIFLO® compare to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Unlike Hyperbaric, EPIFLO® uses Oxygen to treat your wound 24/7.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the systemic delivery of oxygen where the patient is confined to a sealed chamber for the purpose of breathing a high concentration of oxygen under pressure. Patients are placed into a closed chamber where 100% oxygen is circulated. The oxygen used is pressurized to 2-3 times normal, thus infusing the patient’s circulatory system with oxygen.

Originally used to treat scuba divers for ‘the bends’ (decompression sickness), hyperbaric oxygen treatment has more recently been used to treat certain kinds of chronic wounds. The number of treatments and the duration of the treatments are dependent upon the type of wound being treated and the severity.

Use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is said to increase the oxygen tension level in the blood and tissues. Hyperbaric patients often need dozens of treatments, each requiring a separate visit to a clinic or hospital with a treatment time of 90 minutes. Hyperbaric treatments average about $350 per session. The average HBOT cost to insurance carriers based on 28 sessions or “dives” amounts to $9,800 per patient.

By contrast, EPIFLO® delivers pure oxygen directly to the wound, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Treatment averages 49 days to heal the wound at a cost of approximately $47 per day, or $2450 per patient. Medicare approval is pending at this time, but private insurance may be accepted–contact us for details. Patients choosing EPIFLO® resume their normal lifestyle immediately due to the light weight (3 ounces) of the unit and are only required to visit their doctor for wound cleaning and dressing changes.