Indications for Use

EPIFLO® has FDA clearance to provide safe and effective Transdermal Continuous Oxygen Therapy [TCOT] for the treatment of:

    • Skin ulcerations due to diabetes, venous stasis, post-surgical infections and gangrenous lesions
    • Decubitus Ulcers (bedsores, pressure sores)
    • Amputations and infected stumps
    • Skin grafts
    • Burns
    • Frostbite


    • Inadequate perfusion to support healing
    • Ulcers due to acute thrombophlebitis
    • Ulcers due to Raynaud’s disease
    • Wounds completely covered with eschar
    • Wounds with fistulae or deep sinus tracts where the end cannot be probed
    • Wounds covered with petroleum-based dressings
    • Non-compliant patients

Clinicians should refer to the instruction sheet provided with the product for all indications, contraindications and warnings.