EPIFLO®: A New and Better Way to Treat Wounds

EPIFLO® consists of a small, silent, disposable, oxygen concentrator and a long sterile cannula (tube). It is used with any fully occlusive sterile wound dressing to continuously blanket the wound with near 100% oxygen. The patient is free to ambulate and can continue with normal daily living activities while being treated 24 hours per day. EPIFLO® can be worn near the wound beneath clothing without impairing its operation.

This is the entire oxygen concentrating device. Actual size is approximately 2″ x 2.5″ x 1″; weight for the EPIFLO® is just 3.5 ounces.

EPIFLO: Small and Lightweight
EPIFLO® has FDA clearance to provide safe and effective Transdermal Continuous Oxygen Therapy [TCOT] for the treatment of:

  • Skin ulcerations due to diabetes, venous stasis, post-surgical infections and gangrenous lesions Decubitus Ulcers (bedsores, pressure sores)
  • Amputations and infected stumps
  • Skin grafts
  • Burns
  • Frostbite

How it Works
The air you breathe contains 21% oxygen. EPIFLO® extracts oxygen from the air, concentrates it to near 100%, and “pumps” the oxygen through the cannula to blanket the wound. The wound is covered with a fully occlusive dressing of the doctors choice. The dressing does not inflate and the patient has no sensation of air movement. EPIFLO® provides a silent, continuous, slow flow of oxygen (3 ml/hr for 15 days) that will not dry out the wound. Some clinicians suggest that EPIFLO® mimics the bloodstream in delivering the necessary metabolic energy to oxygen starved cells. EPIFLO® energizes ischemic cells to jump start the natural healing process. Oxygen helps form collagen, granulation tissue, new blood vessels and skin.

Product Benefits

Easy to Use: No special storage conditions – minimal training; simple on / off switch; attaches to patient in less than 30 seconds

Safe: Non-implantable – non-ingestible – no use of tanks, chambers or oxygen storage.

Continuous Treatment:
Uninterrupted continuous delivery of oxygen 24 hours per day for up to 15 days.

No daily trips to the hospital to receive oxygen treatment – dressing changes as needed to maintain good wound care.

May be used for a broad list of chronic wounds. Efficacy proven on the most recalcitrant, non-healing or slow healing chronic wounds. (See Instructions for Use below).

Instructions for Use

See the EPIFLO® Instructions for Use page or the instructions accompanied with the product for details on how to apply