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About Ogenix

Ogenix is dedicated to the care of individuals with non-healing and developing wounds due to underlying disease, surgery, or trauma.  We are made up of scientists, physicians,engineers, and allied health professionals well versed in the frustration caused by wounds in our patients.  We believe wound healing should be simple and painless. Any wound can be cumbersome, expensive, and disruptive to independent living. A simple solution was needed; hence, the development of EPIFLO®.


Armed with a deep understanding of the important role oxygen plays in the healing process, our team set out to create a portable, oxygen-based alternative to the more traditional methods available to patients which are often encumbering, expensive, and disrupting to independent living.


The EPIFLO® device gives patients a safe, convenient, low-cost option as compared to other therapies. The EPIFLO® device aids in more rapid healing and is often better than other therapies due to the continuity of care that is afforded 24/7.


The device has been successfully used by clinicians in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and long-term care facilities for the treatment of pressure and, diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, skin grafts, and burns.


Contact Us to see how we can help you the patient, the clinician, or the healthcare facility to incorporate EPIFLO® as an adjunct to wound therapy.

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