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EPIFLO® Clinical User's Guide

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EPIFLO® Transdermal Continuous Oxygen Therapy consists of a small, silent, disposable, oxygen concentrator and a long sterile tube that delivers oxygen directly to a wound.


• Available as 28 days device
• Easy to use
• No special storage conditions
• Attaches to patient in less than 30 seconds
• No use of tanks, chambers or oxygen storage
• Provides uninterrupted continuous delivery of oxygen 24 hours per day for up to 15 days



EPIFLO® Transdermal Continuous Oxygen Therapy is intended to provide transdermal sustained oxygen therapy to treat the following: skin ulcerations due to diabetes, venous stasis, post-surgical infections and gangrenous lesions; pressure ulcers; amputations and infected stumps; skin grafts; burns and frostbite.



Contraindicated for use on wounds with inadequate perfusion to support healing and on ulcers due to acute thrombophlebitis, ulcers due to Raynaud’s disease, wounds completely covered with eschar, wounds with fistulae or deep sinus tracts where the end cannot be probed, wounds covered with petroleum-based dressings and on non-compliant patients.

Storage Requirements


Store EPIFLO® system at normal room temperature. Avoid temperatures above 122°F or below 50°F.

EPIFLO® Insert

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